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Vascular Diseases

Ukraine ranks first in the Europe on the incidence of cardiovascular diseases. According to official statistics, approximately 53% of the population suffers from it. Almost half of them are exposed to hypertension, which can grow to a terrible insult.

Vascular diseases are responsible for 62% of deaths, and the number tends to increase. There are both objective and subjective reasons for this. The objective ones include aspects of the modern citizen lifestyle with its daily stress, low mobility, and bad habits.

However, there is an important factor that can be described as careless attitude to the health. Even knowing the diagnosis, many people let the disease take its course, without treatment or prevention. Meanwhile, in Ukraine there are a number of great resorts, where, you can fix failing health and get a charge of energy for the whole year at affordable price.

Vascular Diseases Treatment at the ‘Podolie’ sanatorium

The sanatorium ‘Podolie’ is one of the best institutions specialized in treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The basis of treatment is a radon therapy which additionally can be used with a peat treatment, balneotherapy and physiotherapy. Taking radon baths normalizes the cardiovascular system, in particular – reduces high blood pressure and low one decreases. The soft ionizing alpha radiation make skin vessels constrict, and then dilate, activating its tone.

Patients with bradycardia have their heart rate returned to normal, and slowed down at tachycardia. Research confirmed that radon therapy improves nutrition of the heart muscle, decreases the heart rate, increases minute and stroke volume of the cardiac output and produces an antiarrhythmic effect. Due to this radon can treat many diseases of the heart and vessels.

Which Vascular Diseases can be well treated with Radon?

Radon therapy provides good preventive and restorative influence after myocardial infarction, but it can be carried out not earlier than 6-8 months after the acute or subacute period. Radon therapy is prescribed in all cases of hypertensive, except for the expressed sclerosis and vascular crises. In addition, radon treatment is extremely important, if you have the following vascular diseases:

  • Myocardial dystrophy;
  • Atherosclerotic and myocardial atherosclerosis;
  • Cerebral atherosclerosis in its early development;
  • Malformations of the aortic and mitral valves;
  • Congenital heart disease;
  • Vascular dystonia;
  • Еndarteriitis
  • Phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, and others.

Circulatory disorders of higher than first degree, signs of endocarditis, and some others can be contraindications to radon therapy. Experienced doctors of the sanatorium “Podolie” choose the optimal set of procedures for each patient and carefully monitor their impact on health. This guarantee the most positive and long-term healing effect of the radon therapy.

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