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Nutrition for patients in the sanatorium

Proper nutrition is an integral part of the complex of a sanatorium-and-spa treatment and even allocated in its view – diet therapy. It is based on the theory of a balanced diet. According to it, the food must contain the optimal quantity of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins, mineral and other substances. In addition, a carefully selected caloric content of food, its temperature, volume and consistency. No less important is the mode of reception of food, which should be combined therapeutic effect of therapeutic procedures. For three decades the functioning of the sanatorium “Podillya” our specialists have accumulated extensive experience of the correct organization of power. The food in the dining room of the sanatorium are not only tasty, but also is a source of strength, health and vigor.


The power in the sanatorium “Podillya” is carried out by the seven day menu, which is formed on the basis of the features of dietary rations for different groups of patients. It is quite obvious that the food for the patients with diabetes mellitus should differ from the food, suitable suffering from osteochondrosis or a back ailment. That is why the basis for the organization of power is taken range of diets, each of which takes into account the needs of different groups of patients.

Nutrition of the patients, suffering from high acidity

Visitors with chronic diseases of the stomach, accompanied by increased acidity, is appointed by the diet, which consists of diet and vegetarian soups, vegetable broths, a variety of dairy products, lean meat and fish. This power is based on the principle of balance, usefulness, chemical and mechanical moderation. The goal of the diet is the normalization of the motor and secretory function of the stomach and the endocrine glands that are responsible for digestion.

Nutrition of the patients, suffering from the period of exacerbation abatement

For patients who have reduced acidity, chronic cholecystitis and other diseases, designed diet, taking into account the peculiarities of their health. Products and dishes in it are chosen so that the power has contributed to in bile separation, as well as the revitalization of gastric glands. A diet rich in vegetables and fruits, calculated on the normalization of the liver, and a moderate influence on the function of the intestines. Its purpose is to prevent stagnation of the bile, stimulation of the motor and secretory activity of the stomach.

Nutrition of the patients with disorders of the endocrine system

For patients suffering from diabetes, obesity and other metabolic disorders, a ration containing dishes from lean meat and fish, unsalted and non-cheesy cheeses is prescribed. In such a diet, the amount of carbohydrates is limited, by reducing the consumption of sugar and confectionery. The diet is intended to have a beneficial effect on the metabolism, to prevent violations of fat and carbohydrate metabolism.

Nutrition of the patients with disorders of the locomotor system, cardiovascular and urogenital system

To improve the blood circulation, the work of the heart and kidneys, reduction of edema or hypertension is appointed by the diet, in which the limited content of salt and extractives. Power is relatively high calorie content, a small amount of liquid, this food is rich in vegetables, fruit and dairy products. Because the diet is appointed by patients suffering from diseases of the bones and joints, and the dishes contain elevated concentrations of trace elements and lipotropic substances.

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