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The Therapeutic Sanatorium “Podillia” in Khmelnik

Nowadays the real pearl of health resort Khmelnik is sanatorium ‘PODOLIE’. It is situated in the forestland that primarily consists of coniferous trees. The area of the forest is 10 hectares. Today it is one of the most famous resorts with well-developed medical infrastructure.

Right here, in the dense silence of forest, your soul and body can eventually rest. And those vacationers who want to better their state of health can by their selves estimate anti-inflammatory and soothing effects of radon baths.

We invite you to the “Podolie” sanatorium – Podolie pearl, which is placed in Vinnytsia region. You are welcomed here with comfortable rooms for every taste and price, as well as the best staff that is known in Ukraine and far away abroad is waiting for you as well. We also offer professional medical treatment and modern diagnostic facilities. You can receive the following treatment in our sanatorium: Radon therapy, mud therapy, all kinds of physical therapy, for example, underwater spinal traction in radon water, Hydrokineziotherapy in the pool. Moreover, our health resort has first in Ukraine radio-emanatorium for the treatment of pulmonary and cardiovascular system diseases.

We are happy to welcome You in one of the most prestigious Ukrainian health resorts, in famous town Khmelnik that is situated in Vinnitsa region. This town is a balneological resort of state importance, and takes area of 2049.3 hectares. It is located on the river Southern Bug in the cup-shaped cavity. The climate is continental warm, soft, without sharp temperature fluctuation, organism-friendly and corresponds to “comfort zone”.

Khmelnik has become a well-known town-resort in 1970ties. Ever since more than 70 thousand people come here for treatment every year. Increase of popularity was connected with mineral water discovery around the town. In 1934 hydrological expedition arrived from Kiev in order to find the drinking water. Nevertheless, extracted from the depth of 65 meters water was hard, salty and not tasty at all.

Scientists from Ukrainian Research Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy and Geology Institute of Academy of Science of Ukraine were interested in the source. Thanks to thorough research, there were found radium emanation (radon), free carbon dioxide, nitrogen, calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, iron, bicarbonates, chlorine, sulfates, iodine, bromine, cobalt traces, ammonia, resinous substance etc. The water by its structure were classified as radon, carbonated, hydro-chloride-calcium-sodium mineral water with a high manganese level, which has a significant balneology value. In course of time scientists developed first radon water treatment indications. The first little water clinic were opened. Unfortunately, during the war it was robbed and destroyed. Its rebirth happened only in 1944.

You can buy the place in sanatorium for 24 or 18 days. The resort is designed for 610 places: single, double and deluxe rooms are at your disposal. Vacationers are serviced by top class professionals – Doctors of Medicine and doctors of high, first and second categories. Medical-diagnostic building, sport-sanitary system, balneological and peat clinics and also the club are situated not far from the dormitory buildings.

  • There is a lake in the forest park;
  • A kitchen provides vacationers with a balanced diet. There are also a business hall in the dining place;
  • Holidaymakers can satisfy their cultural needs in the club, which is equipped with a library, cinema and dance floor;
  • Everyone can have a pleasant rest in the Winter Garden. And free time can be also filled with a number of excursions.

There are also shops, bar, hairdressing saloon and parking at the resort’s territory. To make a story short, we have everything You may need during the treatment and rest!

Today the director of the sanatorium is Repiakh Anatoliy Grigorievich – experienced leader and manager. All of his experience and efforts are directed to develop medical facilities, implementation of new effective therapies and permanent innovation of medical equipment. Improvement of landscapes, renovation of building’s interior, exploitation of extra-comfortable suits are also carried out on behalf of the director.

His main goal, which he always tries and succeed, – to help every vacationer feel maximum comfort. To help every person, who finished the treatment, bring home health and pleasant memories about our resort.

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