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The uniqueness of natural healing factors

Water and medicinal mud

Sanatorium “Podillya” is, first of all, a balneological resort. All natural sources of the sanatorium – are mineral springs with radon water, which has miraculous therapeutic properties. The fundamental experimental and clinical studies carried out at the resort have shown that radon treatments produce remarkable positive effects of regeneration, regeneration and normalization of many body functions.

In addition to a variety of water treatment procedures, the “Podillya” sanatorium offers guests mud treatments. Natural healing peat mud sanatorium water-turfilkarnya, improve metabolic processes and peripheral blood circulation; Have analgesic, anti-inflammatory, resorptive effect; Normalize hormonal background, have immunomodulatory and rejuvenating effect.

At the sanatorium “Podillya” literally everything is saturated with cleanliness and health, even the water from the tap has useful balneological properties, as pumped from the artesian well. Artesian water is of great value to humans and is very useful, because it proceeds much deeper into surface waters and does not contain harmful compounds.


The sanatorium is located in a picturesque forest, most of which is occupied by coniferous species of trees. Our doctors advise you to spend the most time walking for walks. For this purpose, the “Podillya” sanatorium has convenient routes with beautiful alleys. Strolling through them you will be able to receive aesthetic pleasure from the beauty of nature and breathe with clean, healing air, sprinkled with the aromas of herbs and flowers, which is rich in relic pine forest.

The main component of the therapeutic air of the pine forest is the negatively charged aeroion. Increased ionization of air, gives the body a beneficial effect, improves the mood, normalizes appetite and sleep, promotes healing from diseases of the respiratory system.

A unique complex of phytoncides, which literally is saturated with air of a forest park, transforms the stay in the sanatorium “Podillya” into a peculiar therapeutic procedure, “swimming in the woods”, in which people actively inhale phytoncides, formed by trees and plants, in order to improve their health. A hectare of pine forest poured into the atmosphere about 5 kilos of volatile phytoncides per day, reducing the amount of microflora in the air. Therefore, in coniferous forests, air is practically sterile (containing only about 200-300 bacterial cells per 1 m³).


The climate of the resort is characterized by cold weather in winter, comfortable summer, warm autumn and spring, mostly windless (calm) weather, short-term frost, constant barometric pressure (without sharp fluctuations), a large number of clear sunny days per year (264 days a year), allowing the sanatorium Podillya compete with resorts of Crimea and the Carpathians.

The absence of abrupt changes in the basic meteorological parameters in all seasons has a beneficial effect on human health. Comfortable, mild climate is favorable for rest and treatment at any time of year.
The content in the air of a significant number of light air ions (1040-2400 OD / cm.cube) is a therapeutic natural factor that has expressed therapeutic properties. Light aeroion removes the effects of psycho-emotional stress, mental and physical exhaustion, oxygen and solar fasting.

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