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Ultrasound therapy

Treatment with ultrasound (ultrasound therapy) is based on the effects on the human body sound vibrations frequency of 22 Hz to 3 thousand. They can be supplied as continuous and pulsed mode, depending on the nature of therapy. Ultrasound produces a body of physico-chemical, mechanical and low thermal effect.

The most important factor is mechanical, caused by acoustic pressure, thanks to which you are microvibration of tissues and massage at the cellular level. Thermal effect of ultrasound enhances lymphatic and blood vessels and improve microcirculation in the body fluids. As a result, tissue metabolism is activated.

Physico-chemical effect increases the intensity of redox processes and the synthesis of biologically active compounds, in particular, serotonin, histamine and heparin.

Effects of ultrasound treatment

When ultrasound passes through the cells, they run a complex chain of chemical and physical processes, in particular, is changing the acidity and electrical conductivity of intracellular fluid. When handling blood, it acquires new properties, which increases the body’s resistance to infections, stress, and even radiation. Approximately the same effect is produced by ultraviolet irradiation of blood, but the ultrasound therapy is a gentle method.

Experimentally proved that ultrasound does not provide for systems of the body of carcinogenic, mutagenic and other harmful effects because of the low intensity of exposure. However, it does not interfere with the sound vibrations are an excellent means of Cosmetology and cure many diseases.

What disease cures ultrasound

The sanatorium “Podolia” ultrasound therapy prescribed for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. In addition to traditional methods of ultrasound therapy is used for the phonophoresis of drugs – topical administration of drugs in the damaged areas. This method compares favorably with many ways to treat the lack of side effects and a minimal list of contraindications.

For example, ultrasound therapy can be used after suffering cancer. Ultrasound is used to treat disorders of the joints, skin, internal organs, peripheral nervous system, female reproductive organs, eyes, diseases of the bronchopulmonary system, including tuberculosis. In addition, ultrasound effectively breaks up kidney stones, gallbladder and bladder.

Ultrasound therapy drugs

In parallel with the influence of ultrasound, it can be administered in various divisions of the body (eg, joints) drugs. During processing, the corresponding section of ultrasonic vibrations applied to a drug that enhances the effect of the procedure. Usually it is done in a continuous mode, the pulse is held utrafonoforez impaired or elderly people and patients with severe autonomic-endocrine dysfunction. Indications for ultrasound therapy with the same pharmacological action of drugs used. Quite often they are antibiotics, hormone creams, analgesics and hypotonic means.

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