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Thermotherapy is one of the oldest and most proven methods of physical therapy. It applies not only official, but also in folk medicine – probably all of us at least once in their lives or put mustard plasters applied a heating pad. Therapeutic effect of thermotherapy based on the metabolic activation by heating a certain area of ??the body. It was established experimentally that the increase in tissue temperature at 1C involves the intensification of metabolic processes in them by 10%. In order to achieve the therapeutic effect of the expressed need to increase the temperature at 4-5C. In this case the heating must be prolonged, and the flow of heat stable and uniform.

That is why as coolants for thermotherapy substances are used with high heat capacity – paraffin wax, mineral wax (beeswax), a variety of mineral brines. The sanatorium “Podolia” are the key methods of thermotherapy and paraffin bishofitoterapiya.


The material for this type of physiotherapy is a purified wax obtained from the distillation of petroleum. This high molecular weight hydrocarbon has a high thermal capacity, low thermal conductivity and is able to exert pressure on the tissue cools, due to its volume decreases. All this makes it an excellent tool for paraffin thermotherapy.

The mechanism of its action consists in warming the tissues and increase in skin temperature, thereby activates trophic, tissue metabolism, perspiration, blood circulation and lymph flow. This has on the body of anti-inflammatory, vasodilator, antispasmodic and trophic effects.

Paraffin is used for the treatment of diseases of the joints, nervous system diseases, digestive and respiratory, urological, skin and gynecological diseases. The method has proved itself perfectly to eliminate scars, the effects of blows, sprains and other injuries.


Bischofite called brine, extracted from deep wells, which includes a range of trace elements – chlorine, magnesium, sodium, iodine, iron, bromine and other substances Mineralization is typically 340-400 grams per liter. Brine is a transparent liquid with a greenish or yellowish with a characteristic pleasant smell. It dissolves easily in water and is widely used in thermotherapy in the world.

The sanatorium “Podolia” of preparing bischofite warming baths, compresses and lotions are made to local effects. Often bishofitoterapiya combined with therapeutic massage, ultrasound therapy, electrical and light therapy.

The main indications for use bishofitoterapii are inflammatory and degenerative-dystrophic processes, diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, metabolic and gastrointestinal tract. This method is used to eliminate gipermotornyh dyskinesia internal organs, trauma, bruises and sprains, as well as a painkiller.

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