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Phototherapy and laser therapy

Phototherapy and laser therapy

Modern hardware physiotherapy includes dozens of methods of light therapy. In general, it is dosed on the human body ultraviolet, infrared and visible radiation. At the same time, more than the wavelength, the deeper the radiation penetrates into the body and the greater its impact. For example, ultraviolet light penetrates the tissue to a depth of 1 mm, visible light – up to 1 cm, and infrared radiation – up to 23 cm Accordingly, for the treatment of various diseases and response to various types of light therapy are used. With the invention of laser medicine has in its arsenal powerful light therapy, which are widely used in the sanatorium “Podolia.”

External ultraviolet irradiation

There are two main types of ultraviolet radiation (UVR) – general and local. Last affect certain parts of the body where localized disturbances. It causes the tissues of the body in humoral, and neuro-biological reflex processes. In practice, this involves activation of biochemical processes, physiological and metabolic responses of cells. Local UV irradiation has bactericidal, trophic and anti-inflammatory action. It is assigned to the treatment of diseases of the muscles, nerves and skin, recover from injuries, wounds, bruises, burns and frostbite. The total UV is applied with a lack of vitamins in the body, to improve immunity in the treatment of rickets and other diseases.

Ultraviolet irradiation of blood

This method is practiced in the sanatorium “Podolia” relatively recently, because it is one of the newest ways to light therapy. Its mechanism of action is the ionization of atoms in the blood, due to which they readily enter into combination with other atoms. UVI of blood causes an increase in phagocytic activity of T lymphocytes, which are an important component of the human immune system. Furthermore, the procedure increases the mobility of red blood cells and platelets, as well as causing a number of complex changes in blood chemistry. As a result of ultraviolet irradiation of blood has immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, desensitizing and analgesic effect. It helps to improve microcirculation and increases the overall resistance of the organism to various ailments. This procedure is indicated for skin diseases, acute pneumonia, rheumatism, hepatitis, hypertension, ischemia, diseases of the nervous, digestive, and urogenital system.

Hydro-laser shower

As part of the physical therapy procedures for patients to have three medical factors – heat hot water, its pressure on the skin, creating the effect of massage and laser irradiation. The result is a stimulation of regenerative processes, improves the immune system and microcirculation. Hydro shower and has a strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect hiposensibilic. The procedure prescribed for the treatment of skin diseases, musculoskeletal, nervous and cardiovascular systems. It is well established as a means to correct weight, eliminate cellulite, treat impotence and frigidity.

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