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The peripheral nervous system

The peripheral nervous system (PNS) is one of the most complicated and important parts of the human body. Just PNS connects the spinal cord to the receptors, as a bridge between the nerve endings and the brain, which is responsible for processing information about external sensations. In contrast to the central nervous system organs, peripheral nervous system is much more vulnerable. It is not protected with bones and has no blood-brain barrier.

Due to the effects of toxins, microorganisms, mechanical damage, supercooling and other factors peripheral nervous system diseases are extremely common. Suffice it to say that from such disease as sciatica suffers at least 15% of the adult population.

Other common diseases are neuritis, plexites, funikulitis and many others. As a rule, they are accompanied by severe pain and can cause complications in the internal organs. Therefore, regenerative treatment of the nervous system in health centers, particularly in specialized one, cannot be overemphasized.

The peripheral nervous system disorders and treatment

Most PNS disorders are not easy treatable. Mostly the therapy is to relief the pain and muscle spasm. Such methods produce only short-term relief, because they do not eliminate the cause but the consequence. In extreme sciatica paroxysm the injection in the intervertebral discs can be prescribed, but in ordinary cases a manual therapy, acupuncture, reflexology, apitherapy and different folk remedies. Especially good results demonstrate massage with physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy of PNS diseases is also widespread. It includes such manipulations as UHF, electrophoresis of various medicines, magnetic therapy and others. In addition, the peripheral nervous system disorders necessarily need restorative spa treatment.

Treatment of the PNS at the ‘Podolie’ sanatorium

One of the most important practices of the sanatorium “Podolie” – is the treatment and prevention of PNS disorders. The main part of this process is a radon therapy, in particular, radon baths. Even ancient Romans were well aware of its benefits, who did not suspect the existence of radioactivity. In the neighorhood of modern Baden-Baden, there are still the ruins of the large bathing facilities (term) based on the healing radon springs, where the Roman legionnaires were treated. The fact is that radon treatments cause a powerful analgesic effect, which is important not only for the wounded soldiers of antiquity, but for modern patients with PNS illnesses.

Scientifically and practically it is established that radon therapy has anti-inflammatory exposure and accelerates the regeneration of nerve fibers. In general radon has a calming effect on the nervous system,. In combination with physiotherapy (which is also practiced at the “Podolie” sanatorium) and massage, radon therapy is a powerful instrument to combat the peripheral nervous system diseases.

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