LLC "Sanatorium ‘Podolie’", Kurortnaya Str., 10, Khmelnik, Vinnitsa Region, Postal code: 22000
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Concerts and discos

The basic direction of activity of the sanatorium “Podillya” is treatment and rehabilitation of holidaymakers. Meanwhile, the most useful and productive pastime is not complete without a cultural-entertainment component. That is why we care about the visitors to our institutions have been not only healthy, but also filled with positive emotions. With this purpose on the territory of sanatorium the club, where musical evenings, banquets, organizes performances of talented artists. In the club you can not only listen to the music, but just to sit in the company of friends at a private table. For those who desire to strong emotions, arranged incendiary discos and show programs. Cinema lovers have the opportunity to visit the comfortable cinema, in which every day are shown a new hire, and classical paintings. All this is aimed at forming of positive emotions of our visitors and to some extent is an additional factor of improvement.

Influence of positive emotions on human health

Today nobody questions the existence of a link between positive emotions and human health. Numerous studies have shown the positive impact of good mood for the functioning of the heart and the central nervous system. For example, fun, laughter and pleasant communication are excellent preventive means in the coronary artery and ischemic heart disease. Serious experiments american physicians showed that positive emotions to improve, at least four aspects of human health.

Firstly, the high level of positive emotions improves the functioning of the parasympathetic nervous system. This leads to the normalization of the work of the heart, which in a quiet state is beginning to work more stably. Secondly, filled with favorable emotions of people quickly and efficiently cope with stress, not allowing them to cause destructive changes in the body. Thirdly, positive emotions provide a calm and healthy sleep. Finally, fourth, people, who believe that their life is full of positive, recorded a smaller percentage of incidence of infectious diseases, which shows a good immunity.

Thus, cultural and entertainment events organized for holidaymakers in the sanatorium “Podillya”not only allow to diversify the leisure time, but also aimed at the promotion of health. After all, to be healthy in body and soul be more likely to do something that brings pleasure and joy is more to communicate, engage in sports, and sometimes allow yourself a bit of good alcohol. The infrastructure of our resorts includes all the necessary for interesting of the time, free of treatment procedures. Here You will not only be healthy physically, but keep in memory pleasant moments of human communication, which has become so valuable in our days.

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