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The only radon emanation in Ukraine

3 August 2017

A visit to a radon emanator is, in fact, simultaneous reception of two radon procedures: radon inhalation and a dry-air radon bath.

Radon emanation has a therapeutic effect more radon. If only 2% of the dissolved radon in the water is affected by the patient’s radon bath (the remaining 98% is removed to the sewer system at the end of the procedure) and only 0.5% of the radon penetrates through the skin barriers, then the therapeutic effect of the enamel is 40 % Radon from the air.

A visit to the radon emanation is tolerated by patients more easily, more comfortably. Here the hydrostatic effect of water on the body is excluded. This is especially true for patients suffering from severe ailments of the cardiovascular system.

There are additional indications for radon therapy – a group of diseases of the broncho-pulmonary system that are successfully treated in the emanatorium.

Empirically proven higher efficiency radon emanatorium in the treatment of a number of serious diseases (Bechterew’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, acute manifestations of osteochondrosis, etc.)

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